Steelhead fishing

​​The Art of Steelhead Fishing Sharing my 60 years of Steelhead fishing knowledge is what it is all about. You will be an accomplished Steelheader at the end of this class. My class uses a unique proven teaching method provided in a FREE  E-Book on line download,
75 page Word PDF document.​

The Art of Steelhead Fishing Class
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Do you wish you had someone who would teach you how to catch steelhead? Today is your lucky day, you just found him.

As beginners, all we can do is fish harder and longer, when what it really takes is to fish smarter. Without having someone to help you, it’s a long, hard, heart-breaking row to hoe. I know because I fished for 8 years and quit without catching one. I spent 8 years perfecting my bad habits and lack of knowing what I was doing. A few years later I was lucky enough to have an accomplished steelheader teach me his secrets.

I guarantee that at the end of this class you will be a steelheader, even if you have not caught your first steelhead, because you will know what to expect and will have a proven game plan to follow. If you have already caught steelhead, I guarantee you will go back to the river a more accomplished Steelheader.

I don't tell you how it feels when a steelhead catches your lure, I show you. One assignment is to fly a kite with your fishing rod that simulate the swimming action of the steelhead. You will experience the feel of the swimming action of the steelhead. When you are on the river you will set the hooks automatically without thinking. Many time after landing a steelhead others ask me what if felt like. My answer most times is, I don't know I just set the hooks automatically without thinking.
You can read the Word or Adobe Acrobat document with 75 pages with my 175 tips and 42 photos in two hours. Later as you go back and perform the class assignments you will be experiencing and educating yourself. You will be following a proven game plan and learn from each steelhead you catch. You will perfect your own personal technique in the fine art of Steelheading.

The time to learn is in the off season so you will be ready, not when they start coming into in the river.

Testimonies from students of my class

"I never really understood until now the "mind set" I need to get in. When I look back at 30 years of being on the river and all the fish that were on my line without my knowing it, wowwwww, what an eye opener. This year so far I have put 14 Steelhead on the bank and out of those, half would not have been detected prior to reading your Book.". Jeff H.            Shelton Wa.

"I landed a beautiful 9 lb. male on my second cast, I did exactly what you told me to do, and it worked perfectly. I was the "Queen of the Creek" as some older gentleman yelled as I was
landing my fifth fish. Some guys were amazed at the fact that I was catching fish when             hardly anyone was." Vanessa, Lake Erie.

I was on the Salmon river in upper state New York and two steelheaders were landing Steelhead right and left. I asked, what is the secret? They answered, " Steelhead Fishing Class. Com.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           "Hey! It's the easiest way I've ever heard how to tell the bite from the river or a snag!" Great Book! I highly recommend it for the beginning and experienced Steelheaders, it'll help you improve your chances for Steelhead Drift Fishing! Worth every penny!"Bob Williams:     

I sold over 300 classes money back if not satisfied and not one student asked for his or her money back. I closed my web page after 911 because sales dropped of so drastically.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The other day on Face Book the Northwest Hunting and Fishing sight had a picture of a young lady with her first Steelhead. It stated she landed one and lost nine. I thought, lady you need to read my class on sharp hooks and how to set the hooks on a Steelhead. Had she taken my class the average would have been nine on the bank and only one lost. I started this new web site that afternoon.

To obtain the class e-mail me at and I will e-mail you your FREE Steelhead Fishing Class.

If you have any question about the class or need clarification, e-mail me and I will answer them for you.

I just want to share the knowledge of this great sport like my friend shared with me many year ago.

I'm 80 years old and went out for one morning on the river this winter and took a Steelhead. Still at it.

I took the following under water pictures using a steelhead decoy infront of my sons water proof dive camera, attached to a pole. I figure a picture is worth a thousend words.

I'm looking forward to sending you your Steelhead Fishing Class.

Samples from the class
  1. They surf in the curent
    They surf in the curent
    They ride the wake flowing over the boulders. That pushes them down without there having to use energy to stay on the bottom.
  2. Hiding in the shadows
    Hiding in the shadows
    Steelhead are very light sensitive and lay in the shadow of the bank. On bright sunny days they hold in deep dark holes.
  3. On the move
    On the move
    Steelhead travel in small schools at a walking speed. If the bite quits go upstream and get a second try at them.
  4. Red Gill plate is a warning
    Red Gill plate is a warning
    The Red Gill plate is a warning to other males to stay away. His job is to pick up loose eggs so they don't attract scavengers.
  5. Dominet male
    Dominet male
    His size and big red gill plate identify him a bull of the pool. Use a big bright red lure with fresh eggs to agitate him.
  6. Hit her on the nose and she will catch it.
    Hit her on the nose and she will catch it.
    She will not raise up to catch your lure. Your lure should be 6 inches of the bottom. You all most have to spoon feed her.
  7. Steelheading is a great family sport
    Steelheading is a great family sport
    With my class you will learn everything I taught my boys.
  8. Start them out young
    Start them out young
    His first evening out and he took this one. Come to find out the fish hooked him.
  9. Young provider
    Young provider
    As newly weds he could go down to the river and bring home fresh Steelhead.